IPAD apps for therapy

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Here are a few of our latest favourites:

Talking Tom – not for the faint of heart.  He is a silly cat that allows you to practice a variety of sounds. The children love to say words like “poke, cup, drink, music, cake, catch” so it is really great for “k” but you could also use it to work on any sound if you use a deck of cards and allow the Ipad to be a reinforcer after each word the child practices.

My suitcase – This app allows you work on making choices and modelling simple phrases such as “I want the red bucket”, I want the striped towel”.  Great for building up the adjectives.  It is also fun to work on verbs such as “pick, chose, throw, bounce, dress, get, pack”.

I see Ewe – This app looks at shapes, colors, objects, and  animals in a testing (ABA) type way but for some reason the children really like it (for a short time). It also has a matching game.

Josh and Emma – This app shows different picture scenes and requires a bit of a longer attention span.  It allows the children to touch objects in the pictures and then it describes the object with simple sentences.  If the child is impulsive the descriptions get cut off and the whole purpose is defeated.  It also asks the children questions so it can potentially help with those WH questions.  It is best if used with an adult because the possibilities are great for Wh questions if an adult is interacting with the child as well.

Elmo’s birthday – This is a really really really great app for those children who like stories.  It has an auto read option that I always turn off.  I like the way the app zooms into parts of the picture while it reads about that part of the picture.  It allows you to work on vocabulary, facial expressions, wh questions, sequencing and more.  I like how it reviews the vocabulary at the end.  Again, this app really needs parent involvement. Children learn best when they are active as opposed to passive.



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