Christmas decoration contest with speech therapy activities and ideas

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It is time to decorate.  Last year the children loved our decoration contest and our lucky winner received a gift card for his beautiful origami decoration.  I wish that I had taken a picture of it as it was truly spectacular.  This year there is another prize up for grabs so please get decorating and bring your decoration in to the office to be hung up by the 15th.  Voting will be from the 16-23rd of December.

Here is my decoration of 2013.  I had hoped to make a decoration that was a Minion but I couldn’t find one that I loved and I lack the creativity to design my own.  This little reindeer is pretty cute and I love that he sits on a branch rather than hangs down from it.  I used two clothes pins, some goggly eyes, a mini pompom, a piece of ribbon and a bell.  I painted his hooves brown to finish him off.

Reindeer decoration

When you are helping your child make his/her decoration you can always wear your “speechie” hat and incorporate his/her speech or language goals while you are making it.   For instance, if you are working on a sound such as “s” or “s” blends you could try to make a decoration that allows you to model or practice that sound.  A “snowflake”, “snowman”, “stocking” or a “santa” would be great ideas.  If it involves cutting you could use the word “snip” instead of “cut”.  If you are working on “l” or “l” blends, try to pick a decoration that lets you use “glitter”, “glue” or “clay”.

If you are working on vocabulary, your options are endless.  You could focus on winter or christmas as a theme and discuss all things winter or christmas.  Using cookie cutters that are all christmas or winter shapes you could make clay ornaments and teach your child new vocabulary such as reindeer, snowman, bell, angel, christmas tree, ornament, star, gingerbread man, stocking, chimney.

Once I worked on clothing during the winter and we made paper snowman and cut out clothing that he might need.  We used all the winter clothing including hat, mitts, gloves, scarves, goggles, jacket, snow pants, and boots.  We colored the clothing items and cute them out and then glued them on one by one to a snowman that we had drawn on paper.

If your focus of therapy is stuttering then you could work at whatever level you are at to practice using your smooth speech.   If your focus is social communication there are many ways you can go at this. You could work on taking turns, making requests for materials, making requests for help, referencing while making the decoration, keeping their brain or body in the group while making the decoration, using a nice tone of voice etc.  Whatever their goal is, they can practice “social” while making a decoration with you.

If you would like any ideas that are specific to your child, please ask one of us the next time you are in for your therapy session.  GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

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