Summer 2014 Camps and Groups

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We are pleased to be offering the following Summer groups.  Groups will begin the first week of July. If you are interested in attending, please contact us at (604) 771-2305 or email  If your child is not a current client we will schedule you for a no charge intake consultation prior to placing your child in a group.  All classes are one hour in length (this includes a 10 minute parent talk time at the end of the session). Classes require a MINIMUM of 2 clients to run and a MAXIMUM of 4 clients.  Group rates are $90 per session.  Please have a look at our website to see availability.


Social Language Groups

These social language groups are designed for children who have social communication delays. Goals and strategies are tailored to the children that we have registered in each group so that we help them make the gains they need in their social communication skills.  It is very important to us that we have the right complement of children in each group.  To quote Michelle Garcia Winner (from her website) “Social thinking is what we do when we interact with people: we think about them. And how we think about people affects how we behave, which in turn affects how others respond to us, which in turn affects our own emotions.”  Thus, our groups focus on teaching the children how to have success when they share space with people.

For our younger children and children who are new to social language groups,  the groups will focus on introducing the children to the social thinking concepts as designed by Michelle G. Winner, This will include concepts such as expected and unexpected behaviours, whole body listening, thinking with your eyes, and body and brain in the group and working with a group plan.

For our children who have already been introduced to these foundational concepts, we will continue to reinforce their use of the above concepts and add new concepts.  We may also discuss some of the Unthinkables from Michelle Garcia Winner’s Superflex program.

For our older children who are already familiar with basic social thinking concepts we may address perspective taking, inferencing, empathy, and building peer relationships while continuing to emphasize the core ideas of social communication. Again, the goals and strategies of each group will be developed based upon the skills of the participants.


R Perrrfection Camp 


Do you have trouble saying R words? Sign up for our camp this summer and work with cool computers and ultrasound to fix your R! Your child will be grouped together with other kids that fit the same age group. No more than 4 kids per group. Children must be typically developing, working on articulation only, no previous speech articulation work necessary. Ages 7+


Social Thinking and Narrative Language Group (BRAIDY)


This is a weekly, one hour class that focuses on improving children’s oral language development through the use of Braidy, the Story Braid. Braidy helps link language development to literacy for children from preschool through 3rd Grade by providing a means to explicitly teach and model literate language, also known as Accountable Talk.   Braidy was designed to introduce narrative language development to children via visual, tactile and kinesthetic modalities.  In addition to working on the narrative language with the use of Braidy, significant focus will be put on improving social communication skills.  Techniques that were developed by Michelle Garcia Winner ( ) will also be used throughout this group.



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  1. Dilys Hanna
    May 13th, 2014 at 6:49 pm

    My daughter is 9 and has been introduced to the concepts of social thinking for the past 2 years at her school Dr RE McKechnie.

    She would benefit from the super flex program and perspective taking and inferencing. There is a class on July 4 from 945-1045 am that is for 7-9 year olds. I am wondering if she may be too advanced for that programme? I would imagine that you would have to meet with her to see if she would be a good fit for that class. Provided it is not full.

    If you could contact me I’d really appreciate it. The other possibility would be the Saturday class for 9-11 year olds.

    I look forward to your reply. Dilya Hanna

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