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With all of the fears regarding the Corona virus we wanted to take this time to let you know how we are dealing with this within our clinic.

-For our therapy sessions that involve sharing snack time, we will ask all clients to wash their hands before and after we have snack. This is a great opportunity to practice our ABC song :)  
-Between client sessions we will wash all surfaces with Clorox wipes or soap and water. This includes our tables, chairs, door handles and light switches.
- We will wash all toys after each use.
- Clinicians will wash their hands between each session.
- Lastly, we will remove toys and books from the waiting room as we do not have the staff to clean them after children use them.
   If you have concerns or suggestions regarding how we can all stay healthy, please talk to us.    If you are feeling sick or your child is feeling sick, please stay home.  We will waive the cancellation fee for illnesses. Sincerely, WCSLP

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