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Dear West Coast Speech and Language Families,

We hope that this message reaches you and your family members healthy and well.

We want to reassure you: we are working very hard during the current CoVid19 crisis.

It is our goal to find a safe way to continue providing therapy to you and your family members as soon as possible.

Changes are coming:

We will, for all our sakes, respect the Social-Distancing component of fighting this disease. This means that our usual in-person meetings are on hold until further notice. We ask that you work with us as we shift towards a Telepractice model of therapy delivery.

When it is safe to do so, we look forward to seeing you again at the clinic! 

What is Telepractice? 

You may have heard of services like Babylon by TELUS Health, or Maple Online Doctors already. In short: you use your smart phone or computer to get a visit with a doctor, without being in the same room.

We are going to try to provide a similar service to you. Instead of coming to see us in person and sitting in the same room, we will meet you on-line to provide 1:1 therapy, assessment, or group therapy. This is Telepractice.

 Does Telepractice work?

 Yes it does. Across Canada, Telepractice is used to provide services to remote and rural areas. These are places where people cannot easily travel to meet with their SLP.

Today we are facing the same challenge. You cannot meet with your SLP in person, but you can meet with them on-line!

Much evidence for the success of Telepractice exists. You are welcome to read the position paper by Speech-Language & Audiology Canada (SAC), the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), as well as journals and further studies here, here, and  here.

What do we need to start Telepractice?

 In order to take our meetings on-line, we will need you to have the following ready:

  • Access to a quiet time and a quiet room in your home (where we can work without disturbance for the duration of our session)
  • An Internet connected device with a working camera, microphone and loudspeakers/headphones (a computer would be best, but tablets and smart phones work too)
  • A supervising adult who can be present at the start and end of the sessions

Next steps: 

 We know that life is very tricky right now. School is out, and completely new schedules are being worked out. You are working hard to provide good content in your families’ lives.

We are here to help.

 There may be some growing pains as we switch to this slightly different system of meeting with you, but we will figure it out together. The Telepractice approach should provide us with great freedom and flexibility in scheduling.

 To help us get started:

  • Please contact your SLP when you are ready, and be ready to give them your availability for meeting with them (if it has changed).
  • Your SLP will schedule a free of charge meeting with you in order to complete your Telepractice setup with WCSLP.
  • Your session length or frequency of meeting with your SLP may change depending on what works best. You will work this out with your SLP as you go along.

Thank you very much for your patience and your help. We hope to see you soon.

 Stay safe!


Your West Coast SLPs

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