Animated Shorts – taking perspective group

I am really excited to run these two similar groups this summer.  They are designed to stand alone as each group will focus on specific animated shorts and we will … read more

Summer 2019 Group Summary

Our summer group schedule is now finalized.  Click on the link to see the summary. Here’s to summer:)   Summer Brochure 2019

Two more summer groups finalized

We are pleased to announce the following two groups.

3rd Summer group announcement

Second Summer Group Announcement

First summer group announcement

Learning to Lose

Yesterday, a father of one of my clients thanked me for helping his child learn to lose.   It is a skill that his child has struggled with for a … read more

Summary of Groups for the Fall of 2018

Fall 2018 Brochure   Here is a summary of all of the groups that we are currently running.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

Additional Fall group added

Here are the next few confirmed social language groups that will begin in September.  

Fall groups are coming together…..

The first 4 groups are finalized.  More to come.